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We’re excited about the potential of your investment. Let’s talk about how to make it earn more money for you while delivering an exceptional rental experience to your residents.

Commitment to the Bozeman Rental Market

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Service-First Approach to Management

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Look What We Can Do When We Manage Your Bozeman, Montana Investment


It’s more than online advertising. When we lease your home, we are strategic about the photos we take, the descriptions we write, and the places where we list it. We’re attracting the best renters to your property.

Tenant Screening

We’re serious about our tenant relationships, so we screen for residents with a history of on-time payments, verifiable income, and positive rental histories. All fair housing requirements are met and embraced.


Whether it’s the move-in inspection, the move-out inspection, or a mid-lease maintenance walk-through, we’re protecting your investment by keeping eyes on your property. You’ll receive a detailed report.

Lease Enforcement

We serve and support our tenants, and we’re not afraid to hold them accountable to the lease agreement. Expect on-time rental payments, a respect for the requirements of the lease, and a great tenant relationship.


Prioritizing preventative maintenance allows us to avoid those expensive emergency calls and that frustrating deferred maintenance. We protect the value and the condition of your Bozeman rental.

Rental Accounting

Our rental property accounting is detailed, accurate, and transparent. It has to be. Log onto your owner portal at any time, and you’ll see exactly where your investment stands financially.

My husband and I placed our properties in the hands of this management company in 2005. It has changed names but the service is still the same. We have been very pleased with the quality of care they have shown by choosing the right people to rent to who will take care of the property. They do inspections to make sure everything is well cared for.

– Bernadette Mohatt, Owner

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Partnering with Absolute Property Management Brings Your a Better Investment Experience

Absolute Property Management’s service-first strategies help owners increase their rental and property values. We also prioritize tenant retention and focus on operational efficiencies to keep costs down. Our team understands the importance of keeping properties occupied with good tenants, making improvements to maximize earnings, and striving for the success of our clients.

This is a relationship business. When you work with our team, we’re investing in you. We’re investing in your residents, and we’re offering all of the tools, resources, and networks that we can provide.

Why should we work with you?

You won’t find a Bozeman property management company that’s better equipped to lease, manage, and maintain your investment property.

Where do you work?

We primarily serve properties in Bozeman, but we can work with any investors who own property in Southwest Montana.
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How much rent will I earn?

That depends on a number of factors, including the current market, the condition of your property, and its location. We use our data and our market knowledge to provide a rental value that’s competitive and profitable.

How do you choose tenants?

We look for residents with a history of making on-time rental payments and working well with landlords and property managers. We verify income and look for past evictions and criminal convictions. All of the tenants we place are well-qualified and responsible.

How much does property management cost?

That depends on your properties and their needs. We have a simple, fair pricing schedule that provides value and service.
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Serving Bozeman Rentals

We work in Bozeman and throughout Southwest Montana.
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